Mobile Tracker – Android and iOS: Why Do You Need Them Now?


Nowadays, the range of contact methods boggles the mind. Technology development gives us many opportunities to communicate in real time with the help of such inventions as different social networks, e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and various messaging apps, for example, WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts, and others. Internet makes any information available at once. Contemporary kids have the same opportunities to use social networks and messengers and browse the Internet like we do. Therefore, it is extremely important to install a mobile tracker android on your kids’ smartphones, if you want to care about their future, secure them against information not intended for children, and just know what materials they browse in different search engines, whom they communicate with, etc. These measures will help you to organize the living space of your children in a proper way because the use of tracking apps is the easiest way to exercise parental control.

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The Opportunities of Mobile Tracker Android

Modern tracking apps have many useful features. Moreover, the majority of effective spy programs offer a great number of functions included into different variants of paid user’s subscription. Certainly, it may be interesting to learn what basic functions will be available to you after installation of such a program on the smartphone of your child:

  1. Call logs. This basic function will give you an excellent opportunity to see how long, when, and with whom the owner of a particular device was talking. However, you will see the name of the other subscriber only if his/her number is saved in “Contacts.” Otherwise, you will see only the date, time, and duration of the voice call. Moreover, you will be able to blacklist certain numbers if you want.
  2. GPS tracking. This is one of the most popular functions in all spy apps. With its help, you will be able to see the current location of a certain cell phone, and different routes of its owner during the day. This feature is useful in different situations, even if you lost your own smartphone.
  3. Access to text messages.  The opportunity to read SMSs saved on a certain cell phone is another basic function of each tracking app, as well as access to call logs. Moreover, you will see other additional information such as time and date when the message was sent/received by the owner of this device.
  4. Access to IM chats. It is another basic function giving the chance to view not only SMSs but also text messages in other apps. For example, with the help of this option, you will read texts from popular messengers applied on this cell phone.
  5. The opportunity to monitor web browsing. The history of web browsing will be available for you as well because this option is also included into the basic package. Hence, it will help you to learn what webpages were visited and saved in bookmarks by the owner of this phone.
  6. Access to multimedia files. This useful basic option will help you not only to read text messages from the phone or different messengers, but also to see sent/received photos and videos.


How to Use?

If you decided to install a tracking app on your child’s smartphone, you should do the following things:

  • Make rooting. Rooting is the process with the help of which you gain superuser privileges for the device working with the Android operating system. It is the very first thing to have if you want to monitor the history of browsing the web or call logs on your kids’ smartphones. If you want to install a special tracking app on iPhone, you should make a “jailbreak.” It is the same procedure of gaining superuser privileges, but for the device working with iOS. Certainly, there are many different tracking apps for different operating systems, but all of them need superuser rights.
  • Choose the necessary app. Different tracking apps imply different functions. Therefore, try to define first what exact functions you need. Most spy apps can help you to view what information was browsed in the web from a particular smartphone, what media materials (photos, videos) were sent/received with the help of this device, GPS location, etc.
  • Purchase user subscription. Another important thing to mention is that the majority of spy programs for cell phones cost money. Be very attentive because freeware installed on a rooted device can be used by criminals. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is much better to choose verified apps from well-known programmers and web companies. Certainly, such apps cannot be free. However, there is another good news: the overwhelming majority of program developers offer different variants of user subscriptions. Each of them has a particular set of included functions at an affordable price. Hence, you will have a choice depending on the number of features necessary for you to use.
  • Install the app. The process of app installation is very easy. Just follow the prompts of installation wizard on a particular smartphone!
  • Enjoy! Now you have an excellent opportunity to monitor different types of activity on your child’s smartphone.




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