The Costs of Ransomware Removal

Ransomware cost businesses, most of which were small and medium in size, an estimated one-billion dollars in 2016. Cyber criminals target smaller businesses because they are typically easier to infiltrate. The lack of an information technology (IT) department, or even one or two dedicated IT staff and high-security measures, is one reason. Many small businesses have basic virus protection installed and rely on an outside company for repairs as needed in an effort to save money and lower operating costs. That decision may end up costing more money in the long term if the business is attacked. Owners may want to consider that the cost of improved system security and IT management that includes 24/7 monitoring will be less than the cost of ransomware removal.

There are two ways to have ransomware removed. One is to pay the ransom demanded by criminals to get the code needed to release files. It is important to keep a few things in mind before complying with demands. One payment may not result in the desired code. Many criminals seek a second, or even third, payment before actually releasing the code. That leaves the business unable to continue daily operations for an extended period of time. The longer the files are encrypted, the less likely the recovery of information will be complete. Another possibility is that the code will only partially recover the data, meaning payment was made to retrieve damaged files. That process can cost the business a significant amount of money, time, and issues due to lost information.

The other way is to contact an experienced company that specializes in removing ransomware for small and medium businesses. A professional will arrive to assess the situation and determine a low flat rate for removal. Removal is guaranteed or it is free. The recovery of files is unique to every situation, but the success rate is high for a full recovery.

Post-recovery email and telephone support are included in the flat rate. Once recovery is complete, the company can also provide secure IT management services at affordable rates to small and medium businesses. An executive package is also offered for larger businesses attacked by any one of the twenty different encryption viruses.