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How to Select Your Chef Apparel Chefs need to wear the best chef apparel so they feel comfortable while keeping a professional image. One way to be noticeable in the kitchen is having a crisp set of chef uniform. The uniform is at the discretion of the kitchen management. It is important to have the best uniform if you are a chef in a restaurant or resort. Chef Coat The must-have chef coat is a double-breasted coat. Chef coats are among the uniform exclusive for chefs in the kitchen. The popular colors for chef coats are white, gray and black. Meanwhile, the cooks only got to wear camp shirts or in some cases the single-breasted coat. One of the best coats for men and women are those coats designed by tailors. Shorter chef coats are mostly worn by executive chefs. For better coverage and more comfortable feeling, chef coats are longer than usual. Here are some areas to consider with chef coats:
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due to the higher temperature in the kitchen, it is more comfortable to pick a chef coat made of breathable cotton material
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stylish secure buttons are much better than plain buttons convenience should be a priority when it comes to storing kitchen essentials in the pocket or accessory loop cuffs designed to allow folding back will keep the hands as well as the arms free chef coats with mesh black panel as well as shoulder vent will keep you ventilated free movement and fitted design should go hand in hand Chef Pants Chef pants are best when they are comfortable to wear and move around. Among the amazing chef pants available are houndstooth chef pants. Some are using striped or gray pants. Elegance but simple is the ideal chef pants. Consider these areas for your chef pants: darker pants are great to make stains less noticeable easy to wear and remove stain waist movement should not be limited multiple pockets available Cool Chef Apron Aprons is the ideal protection for your chef coats. For wider protection, use bib aprons. It must be sufficient to keep stains and splats. Consider these things when picking aprons: for great stain protection in the kitchen, wear vinyl aprons if the weight does not make you uncomfortable if vinyl apron is too heavy for you, choose the lighter nylon aprons look for adjustable straps for your apron Eye-catching Chef Hat Eye-catching chef hat will be the perfect complement for a chef uniform. Chef hats are unique than what the crew wears. It prevents your hair from contaminating the food. You can pick your chef hat from any of these: the classic puffy hat popular around the world better hair containment with skull cap crown ball cap for less formal look beret for a unique look It is cost-efficient if you buy a whole chef uniform set. It will give you more option to secure another chef uniform.